Join us for 2020 RQA International QA Conference on 10th-12th November! This year’s theme is ’20/20 Vision: A New Frontier?’ and the participants will have a possibility to join the event directly from their desks.

We have a pleasure to participate as speakers – Antonella Ursini, our Managing Director, will be presenting a speech titled “Facilitating GCP Compliance in Phase 1 Units: The Italian Case”. Her speech will focus on a case of developing a set of processes for enhancing GCP compliance for new Phase I Units in Italy and describe a cost-effective model that can be applied for the same goal across Europe.

All live presentations including ours will be available on the conference platform as on-demand videos after the event for 30 days. What is more, all attendees will also have access to the content after the initial 30 days on the RQA website.

Event details:

Join us for 2020 RQA International QA Conference online!

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