Our mission is to support our clients in safeguarding patients’ health and improving their lives in a smart, innovative and cost-efficient manner

We promise our clients impeccable quality, unique attention to every detail and tailored solutions created specifically for their clinical research. Thanks to our industry experience and know-how, we ensure that we deliver the leanest and most cost-effective solution that helps to safeguard patients’ health and improve their lives.

We offer services and consultancy in four core areas:

Pharmaco/Device – Vigilance

Quality Assurance and Compliance


Computer-system Validation

Our services are provided as consultancy, as projects or on a functional service provision basis where a team is selected specifically based on clients’ needs. We strive to meet needs of clients in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical device
  • Academic institutions
  • Hospitals
  • CROs

A unique combination of experience, lean approach, and know-how of our team members together with personal attention to each client allows us to deliver to you personalised, quality and cost-efficient service.

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