Remote GVP Audit is a trend that is gaining traction rapidly.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought considerable changes in the management processes of several companies. This crisis has changed the way Life Sciences companies approach the GVP audits and forced them to look for new solutions that allow them to ensure business continuity and efficiently protect patients.

One of these solutions is conducting an audit remotely, which allows companies to manage the auditing process without being physically present on site.

Why is Remote GVP Audit flexible and agile?

Let’s see together three main reasons:

  1. Planning a Remote GVP Audit brings true flexibility to the organisation by reducing location dependency and commuting time of participants.
    People join the Audit from wherever they are, with a better engagement and more available date&time options.
  2. Remote GVP Audit helps your team to work agile. The processes are smoother; they are as adaptable and well organised as they can ever be.
    People can quickly reschedule an audit that could not be performed or include unplanned additional clarification sessions with the auditees.
  3. Remote GVP Audit processes and deployment are more efficient thanks to one virtual workspace with all necessary documents.
    You will reduce the time for an audit and enjoy the simplicity as well.

Do you know that you can help our environment by choosing Remote GVP Audits?

You reduce your carbon footprint and you start making a difference, because:

  • the auditor doesn’t need to travel to the audit site.
  • The consumption of paperwork is less.


With our long experience in the Quality Assurance area and Auditing, you can benefit from our support to prepare for the Audit and to optimise your company’s quality system.

We can help you with remote and onsite Audits, starting from defining your processes to planning, conducting, and reporting.

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