seQure operates in a market that is in constant evolution, interacting with different subjects in the field of scientific research, such as patients, pharmaceutical companies, public organisations and academic institutions.

The knowledge and respect of values ​​such as communication, passion, innovation and trust have always distinguished the behaviour and work of seQure, which over the years has transformed them into a competitive advantage.

Similarly, seQure has adopted principles such as ethics, transparency, professional correctness and quality, aptitude to service, and has committed itself to nurturing the culture of ethics, opposing all those actions which could encourage behaviour not consistent with that culture, believing that the value of its actions (its results) goes beyond the value of the market.

Therefore, seQure has decided to adopt its own Code of Ethics, an integral part of the Organizational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 of the company itself.

Each one within the company is required to respect and enforce the Code and to consolidate its application through compliant and responsible behaviour.

Download seQure Code of Ethics