In seQure, our vision is to build a world where all patients receive safe medicine they can trust. Our team is what distinguishes us from other industry providers.

In this blog, we asked some of our colleagues to share their favourite part of their job and connection to our goal – support our clients in safeguarding patients health and improving their lives in a smart, innovative and cost-efficient manner.

Favourite part of working in seQure

Carmen De Nicola, Associate Business Development

“I really enjoy how motivated and enthusiastic our team is. Everyone is so keen to do their best to create a tailored solution for our clients and contribute to the company’s success. I feel part of a big team that has an important mission and It feels great!”

Maria Marchionni, Medical Advisor

“Working in seQure team is wonderful since the company embraces all our diversified talents and valorises our knowledge and experience. There is a close synergy between junior and senior colleagues aimed at successful performance in projects and tasks. Exchange of experience is really fostered in this agile and dynamic environment. This is one of the aspects that I appreciate the most since it makes your everyday work a rich experience, not just a simple job.”

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Nicolò Figà Talamanca, Business Development Manager

“The best part of working in seQure is the dynamic environment. We strive to continuously improve customers’ experience and we are always focused on developing new business solutions that meet market demands. This perfectly reflects our core values: passion and innovation.”

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Roberta Boghi, Drug Safety Manager

“The best part of working in seQure is the teamwork! All the employees have a collaborative spirit – we always do our best and support each other in all the projects. We all work towards the common goal – making our client happy. This is done with passion and achieved thanks to collaboration and continuous personal and professional improvement”.

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Andrea Berardi, Senior GxP Consultant & Auditor

“The favourite part of my job is conducting GVP audits – I have the possibility to learn about different pharmacovigilance systems and meet many professionals from all over the world. But to me working in seQure is not only about the job. In seQure I feel appreciated and encouraged to constantly learn and improve v. I know I have my team’s support in overcoming any challenge.”

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